Thomas Baldwin Stringed Instruments

We just got back from a trip to Benevento, Italy where I was invited to exhibit my instruments in the Autunno Chitarristico 2017.

This site is under renovation, We hope to have it up and running soon.

In 1996, working with Arthur Conner of Floyd, Virginia, I started to learn the basics of the craft of violin making.  From that point on I have been self taught, learning about the finer nuances of instrument making from books ,  by talking with other makers and players, and by trial and error.  In 2008, because of my enjoyment of the various forms of Spanish guitar music, I started building classical guitars in the traditional Spanish style.  Since that time, most of my instrument building has been focused on guitars and on learning how to make a superb sounding instrument that is comfortable to play.    Various players have said that my instruments are well balanced, have an incredible sustain and a strong voice with good projection.