Classical Guitars

My guitars are modeled after a guitar of Antonio de Torres.  This modeling includes the body outline, and most of the internal bracing and neck structure.  For sound boards, I use spruce, western red cedar or redwood, with spruce bracing and harmonic bars.  Necks are made from either Spanish cedar or mahogany, with ebony fingerboards.  For backs and sides I use a variety of hardwoods, including five types of rosewood, padauk, bubinga, bocote, goncalo alves, and wenge.  The decorative elements – rosettes, bindings, purflings, etc. – are handmade and as a whole unique to each instrument.  For tuners I use either Gotoh premium or Irving Sloan classical machines.

Below are a few stages of the building process.

Thomas-Baldwin-no8-back  Thomas-Baldwin-no8-headstock