Thomas Baldwin Stringed Instruments

Some of my instrument wood.

In 1996, working with Arthur Conner of Floyd, Virginia, I started to learn the basics of the craft of violin making.  From that point on I have been self taught, learning about the finer nuances of instrument making from books ,  by talking with other makers and players, and by trial and error.  In 2008, because of my enjoyment of the various forms of Spanish guitar music, I started building classical guitars in the traditional Spanish style.  Since that time, most of my instrument building has been focused on guitars and on learning how to make a superb sounding instrument that is comfortable to play.    Various players have said that my instruments are well balanced, have an incredible sustain and a strong voice with good projection.

My Workbench

I got invited to a guitar conference ( Autunno Chitarristico) in Italy in October 2017. So we went to Benevento, Italy.


That’s Tom in the red shirt.

Thomas Baldwin Stringed Instruments

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